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WEST SIDE | A doughnut shop's journey ... to Thailand | News

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WEST SIDE | A doughnut shop's journey ... to Thailand

ATLANTA -- One of Atlanta's most renowned doughnut shops is opening a new location, but not where you might expect.

Four years ago, Sublime Doughnuts opened in midtown Atlanta and instantly rose to the top of almost every "Best Doughnut" list in the city. This past Sunday, owner Kamal Grant Tweeted a picture, saying, "The next chapter of Sublime Doughnuts is about to begin in Bangkok."

He wasn't kidding.

We reached out to Grant in Bangkok, and he told us how it happened. Grant says he was contacted about a year ago by a Thai entrepreneur looking to open a doughnut shop and base it off the best doughnut in America. The businessman made a short list of renowned U-S doughnut makers; Sublime was on it.

When the businessman tried the doughnut, he made up his mind: Sublime was what he wanted.

"I'm hope they get really excited about it in Bangkok," said Grant, "and I hope he gets as many customers, love, and support as we get from the city of Atlanta."

He added, "If it wasn't for Atlanta, we wouldn't be here in Bangkok."

And that's the story of how Sublime Doughnuts now has two locations, which are 9,000 miles apart.


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