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From Victim to Suspect: A Closer Look At David Duncan Jr. | News

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From Victim to Suspect: A Closer Look At David Duncan Jr.

ATLANTA -- 11Alive News took a closer look at the suspect at the center of an investigation surrounding the House of Prayer.

Twenty-two-year-old David Lee Duncan, Jr. was arrested and charged with child molestation and sexual battery among other charges.

But it was this same man who was at the center of yet another investigation back in 2001.

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We spoke with the boy, who was 12 years old at the time, right after he was released from state custody.

"I think that it was wrong they put my pastor in jail for him doing what God told him to do - the right thing," he said in 2002. 

The boy was reportedly badly beaten while being held in the air by several church members. David Jr. told 11Alive News back then that he was ok with the beating he received along with a fellow church member.

"It's right to whoop children if they disrespect you," he said. 

It was Pastor Arthur Allen, who served time in prison along with David's father - David Senior - representing himself inside a Fulton County courtroom.

"He did not receive any ointment on any of his injuries," said David Sr. while speaking to a judge back in 2002. "He didn't receive stitches or any medication."

The incident set off a fire storm of protest. Still, it wasn't enough to stop the state from removing more than 40 children. 

Allen approved the beatings, often telling the media and his congregation he was doing God's work.

David's mom is also a member of the House of Prayer.

"If the Lord tells you to whip young children," she told 11Alive News.  "It won't kill them."

Fast forward to today. At the age of 22, David Jr., is now accused of molesting and abusing several children at the church back in 2009.

A crime that both the pastor and the two fathers accusing duncan of molesting their small children say he confessed to doing right in front of the church.

11Alive's DeMarco Morgan caught up with Pastor Allen after David's arrest.

"He confessed this and I just don't believe that they go down to the Catholic Church where they have confessions and target the ones that confess as criminals," Allen said.