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'Spectacular' ATM smash & grab at West End Mall | News

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'Spectacular' ATM smash & grab at West End Mall

ATLANTA -- What police called a "spectacular" ATM robbery took place early Monday at the Mall West End in southwest Atlanta. 

Police called it that due to the extensive amount of damage involved in the theft. 

Investigators said two vehicles were used.  One car smashed into the doors on one side of the mall, then knocked over the ATM.  The second vehicle drove into the mall so the thieves could load the machine and get away.  

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Police said the machine was found a few blocks away, with major damage done to it, but it did not appear that the thieves were able to remove any money from the machine.

"They were successful in terms of removing the ATM," said Atlanta Police Sgt. Greg Lyon. "But it doesn't appear that they were able to remove any money from it."

Lyon said there is no indication whether or not this was connected to any other ATM robberies around Metro Atlanta. Several of those cases have also involved thieves walking away without getting any money.  There have been no arrests in the case at this point.

It is too early to tell whether the thieves belonged to a gang.  But Lyon said the APD Gang Unit will look into the case.   Investigators will also examine security footage to see if it helps their case.  If the footage could be used by the public to help identify those involved, it will be released.  If not, they'll keep it under their hats to avoid trumpeting the crime.  

That may be worth more to the culprits than the cash.  

"Maybe they want to be seen doing something as spectacular as this,  to give whatever group they're part of, if they're a  member of a gang, notoriety or attention," said Lyon.


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